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2009-06-12 23:18:28 by pauly2smally

fuck everything i used to do, it was all shit

im starting fresh on flash. idea-wise.

in other news i joined '5 second flash' collab.

Watch this space. x

Good news everyone!

2008-08-25 18:06:20 by pauly2smally

Next clouds is coming up fast, just waiting for some audio feedback!

also the animator of the upcoming series 'Rowbots' requiered help with the process of making the toons and i boldly stepped up to help the shit out of it. So i'll be playing a role in that as well. It looks to be quite the success.

Here's hoping, aye?

Spraggs out - x


2007-09-02 12:25:38 by pauly2smally

Hello again